We invite and encourage you to share your time with WiLA. We’ve listed some question that may be commonly asked when finding out what our club is about.

What is the age requirement?

You must be 21 years of age or older to attend WiLA sponsored events.

Must I be Leather to be a member of WiLA?

No, but this is a Leather club for all women who are curious about or who self-identify as Leather women. The Leather lifestyle will be our focus.

I am a woman whose sexuality is neither lesbian nor heterosexual, may I attend?

Yes, all women are welcome regardless of sexuality.

Are gender-fluid people allowed to attend WiLA?

Yes, but you must primarily identify as a woman, even if you use male pronouns or no pronouns.

My partner was born a male but identifies as a female when we go out to BDSM/Leather events; can he join with me?

Unfortunately no, he may not become a member as he does not primarily identify as a woman or transwoman (transitioned MtF). He may, however, become a Friend of WiLA and participate with the club at outside community events.

How do I become a member of WiLA?

A woman must court the club; that is, attend our event, support our community service, and get to know us. A potential pledge must then be sponsored by a Full WiLA member. We have a two-tiered membership. Full membership is obtained by attending six (6) meetings. Associate membership is obtained by attending three (3) meetings. Please see the Membership page for more details.

I do not live in Atlanta, but I desire to participate in a Leather women’s groups such as WiLA; may I become a member?

WiLA is open to women who live regionally and have the necessary time to participate as a Full or Associate member. This includes those within the state of Georgia and in neighboring states (Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee). There is, however, no limitation in how far one lives from Atlanta, Georgia, as long as membership requirements are maintained in good standing. Those women living 300-plus miles outside of Atlanta, Georgia are welcome to attend and invited to become members or Friends of WiLA.

I have a back patch from another Leather club, may I become a member?

You may become a member if you do not hold a board or executive position in the other Leather club. If you hold full membership in the other club, you may not hold full membership in WiLA; you may become an associate member. Any member holding membership in more than one Leather club is expected and required to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of each respective club.

Does will practice “hazing ” as a part of pledging?

No, we do NOT practice hazing. Pledging is meant to be a process of courting and getting to know the club and it’s current members. Hazing goes against our mission as a Leather women’s club.

Does WiLA have dues?

Yes, dues amount will be $20 for Associates, $30 for Emeritus, and $40 for Full members.

When are meetings held and what is the cost?

WiLA will observe a nine-month meeting year, excluding the months of April, July, and November. Standard meetings are held the second Sunday of each month from 3:00pm – 5:00pm. The location will be disclosed within meeting notices/posts. At public restaurant venues, each person is responsible for their cost of food and/or drink. Dates and times subject to change.

May I just support the club and not attend meeting?

Yes, we welcome Friends of WiLA as well as sponsors.

Many leather clubs say they are involved in community, what has WiLA done in the community?

WiLA supports community through volunteerism. We support leather clubs, leather/BDSM/kink cons, and other BDSM/kink events by offering our time through service. We are open to volunteering as a group.

I want to partner with WiLA on an event; how do I do that?

Please contact the Road Captain regarding events or community service with WiLA.

I believe WiLA is great for the Leather community; how can I support the club?

You or your lifestyle business can become a sponsor of WiLA. See the Membership Levels page for more details.

Can I buy a WiLA t-shirt or bag?

No, WiLA colors are reserved for and can be displayed by members only. We have Friends of WiLA pins for non-members and supporters.

I’ve been to munches before; what makes WiLA different?

WiLA is an all women’s club with a focus on Leather/BDSM cultures and lifestyles; this would be a difference. In the structure of munches, we do socialize, educate, and conduct business; those could be close similarities.

Is WiLA a non profit organization?

Yes, the club has non-profit status.

How will WiLA appoint board members or elect officers?

WiLA will not have a board nor have officers; we will have a leadership team with hierarchy in which members can volunteer or be voted upon to hold selected positions. All members are allowed to volunteer for or be elected to a leadership/committee position.

Does WiLA  have club documents?

WiLA has a purpose, mission, bylaws, and steps to achieve goals.  There are general club rules for member guidance. This information is shared with both Full and Associate members.

May I bring a guest to WiLA meetings/events, or are meetings closed to members only?

You may bring a guest to WiLA who is over 21 years of age and identifies as a woman (including transwomen) who has an interest in Leather culture and BDSM. Any designated closed meetings and the December planning meeting will be closed to the Membership and to Full members and our leadership members respectively.

Will education also include the possibility of mentoring?

Yes, there will be Leather/BDSM education. Peer mentoring (one-on-one) is left to the discretion of those members establishing such relationships.

Is there the opportunity or support to attend a local or regional leather run?

Yes, there will be the opportunity to attend a leather run as a group and to support members who desires to run for a title. As a membership, WiLA will vote to select a run or road travel as a group.

How is Leather history preserved in WiLA?

Leather history is preserved through spoken and written (books, historical periodicals, etc.) words; documentation of WiLA will be preserved. WiLA is not a repository for such Leather history, but recognizes its value in encouraging women to participate in the Leather culture and preserve such history. WiLA is the caretaker of the Carter/Johnson Library and Collection Atlanta Annex and support the intake of historical items from Atlanta and the southeast region interests. WiLA encourages women to read Leather history, but create one’s own traditions and rituals for their personal Leather/BDSM journey or lifestyle. The Leather Archives & Museum is also repository of Leather history.

FAQs will be updated as necessary.