Welcome to WiLA; Women in Leather Atlanta!

WiLA is a non-profit Leather patch club for all Leather identified women, transwomen, and those women who are curious about and enjoy Leather culture and BDSM; who live in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas, including neighboring and southern states. We desire to create a social, educational, and supportive atmosphere among all Leather women. As a sisterhood, WiLA will participate as an organized group within the Leather and BDSM communities at large.

We are a traditional, non-traditional Leather women’s patch club creating our own history and personal meaning of leather on our individual journeys.


This club was founded for all Leather identified women, transwomen, and those women curious about Leather culture/community in order to create a bridge between gay/lesbian/heterosexual Leather, transwomen, Leather/Levi/Lace, and personal traditions/rituals/practices while maintaining honor, integrity, love, and respect for one’s self, others, and within the Atlanta Leather/BDSM communities.


  • To create and establish a group which reflects a diversity of all women, transwomen, and Leather identified women interested or involved in the Atlanta Leather culture and BDSM with freedom from all discrimination against race, sexuality, or lifestyle identity/dynamic.
  • To represent and promote Leather identified women locally and regionally in Leather and BDSM communities/lifestyles with respect, honor, integrity, and dignity.
  • To increase understanding and encourage camaraderie among Leather identified women within the Leather and BDSM communities.
  • To provide a social, educational, and supportive environment for all Leather identified women within the Atlanta Leather and BDSM communities. Create a safe place where Leather identified women can gather, communicate, be empowered, exchange ideas and various perspectives, and socialize without racial, sexual, or social pressures.
  • To provide support as a sisterhood, when possible, to local and regional Leather/BDSM community-based organizations or events through attendance, educational presentations, group volunteering, or community service.

Public Formation: June 1, 2015